Hola everyone! My name is Sarykarmen, I am a bilingual broadcaster currently living in Tampa Bay and I hope we can connect through here. I am Puerto Rican, born and raised at the beautiful southern town Guayama, known as el “pueblo brujo” or the witch town. Yes, really….legend has it that tons of people flocked to my hometown to consult their ailments or love problems with mediums and witch doctors. Guayama had a high African slave population due to important sugar cane factories established there. In fact, I am proud of my Afro-Boricua roots and I guess because of all this rich history, perhaps that’s why I am obsessed with Halloween but let’s leave that for a blog post. As far as my professional career, I am a proud University of South Florida class of 2004 Bull and I have a degree in Mass Communications in broadcasting news.

I was lucky enough to find an internship at Univision Tampa when I was a junior at college and after I graduated I was hired to start as a producer. However, I decided to move around and explore other options which included being part of the founding group at 92.5 FM at that time called “La Nueva” which was the first Spanish language radio station in the FM frequency. My news reporting career also expands to Telemundo Orlando, Telemundo Austin, News 13 en Español and even back to my first local news station Univision Tampa Bay. Then after 12 plus years in the newsroom, my first daughter was born and I knew I needed to dedicate time to her so opportunity knocked and I was granted the opportunity to go back to radio. Quite honestly this has been the best career decision of my life. I am loving my time on air with Rumba 106.5 and I feel like this is opened many doors hence this website and all the fun stuff you can find here.

I am a Mom of two beautiful daughters, a stepson and a pekingese named Beamer. If you follow me on social media you can find that I love healthy living topics, fitness, cycling, yoga, Halloween, pirates, mermaids and of course my husband. So welcome to my page once again and enjoy the ride.